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Frequent Asked Questions

What's IC Naming?

IC Naming is a decentralized name service on IC.

What are IC Naming's name registration rules?

Contains letters (lowercase a-z), numbers (0-9), and hyphens ('-'), with a maximum length of 63 characters.

How to get an IC Naming name?

Currently open ≥ 7-digit name registration, anyone can register.

What is the registration fee and renewal fee for name?

Name LengthRegister Price/YearRenewal Price/Year
>=72.00 T Cycles2.00 T Cycles
62.20 T Cycles2.20 T Cycles
5by quota2.42 T Cycles
4by quota2.66 T Cycles
3by quota2.92 T Cycles
2by quota3.22 T Cycles
1by quota3.54 T Cycles

What is cycles?

Simply remember that 1T cycles is about $1.40, which is relatively fixed. And ICP uses the market price. Let's say $20. Then 1T cycles is equal to 1.4 / 20 = 0.07 ICP.

How to pay cycles?

What you will actually have to pay is ICP.This will be converted at the time of order creation using the latest cycles/ICP rate from NNS.

Can I use it for a decentralized website deployed on IC?

Yes, you can use our browser extension to access your decentralized website directly through chrome browser.

Once I own a name, can I create my own subdomains?

Yes. You can create whatever subdomains you wish and assign ownership of them to other people if you desire. You can even set up your own registrar for your domain.

Where is the source code of IC Naming?

You can find out the source code of IC Naming from, including smart contract in canister, browser extensions and etc.